​How to take off LifeProof FRE Case from your phone

Posted by CL on 15th Oct 2020

LifeProof FRE comes with built-in screen protector and it is made specifically to be waterproof so it is tight and fully sealed.Some people may find it super challenging to open the case but if you fo … read more

LifeProof FRE, NEXT or SLAM: What's the difference?

Posted by v-bee on 24th Jul 2019

LifeProof now has eliminated Nuud case for their phone cases and made 2 relatively new model which are NEXT and SLAM. So what are the difference between the 3 variants that LifeProof has?FREThe only w … read more

People Cannot Hear Me While Using LifeProof FRE?

Posted by v-bee on 8th Jul 2019

LifeProof FRE is tough. It is waterproof, dustproof, snowproof and dropproof. But with all the goodness, some people still have problem with the product. One of the most common problem would be the ph … read more

The New Stepping Stone for LifeProof Nuud

Posted by JT on 6th Feb 2017

With the recent release of the LifeProof Nuud case for iPhone 7 Plus, we will see how LifeProof has made incremental changes since the  iPhone 6s Plus. However, before doing so, I would like … read more